Please support Sanad’s work to provide Pelaistinian youth with the tools and life skills they need to build successful lives while fostering their full participation as active citizens.

· $30 provides mentoring to children to improve their performance in school and strengthen their sense of social responsibility.

· $50 provides professional training that will help youth pursue opportunities in education, a pre-requisite for them to gain the skills and tools needed to successfully find suitable employment.

· $100 provides the tools for a team of two university students and four schoolchildren to implement a community project.

Previous projects included: greater participation of girls in sports activities at school, the development of suitable spaces for prayer, more positive communication and less bullying in the classroom, greater understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities. 


Your generous contribution for Palistinian youth is a commitment not only to their improved well-being and livelihood, but also to strengthening the fabric of their communities and the economic, social, political and cultural development of future generations. 

Please become part of the Sanad’s family and success by making a donation today.

Thank you. 


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