Baseline project

Creating a Baseline to measure the well-being of youth will be conducted to better inform citizens, civil society and policy makers about community needs.


In cooperation with the Temple University and Professor Marsha Zibalese-Crawford we launched the Community-Based Participatory Well-Being Study in 2017 in the Triangle Region.  The purpose of the study is to understand the strengths and challenges for youth between the ages of 15-29 in the cities and villages of the Triangle Region. Some of the indicators we are measuring include health, housing and other social and economic factors.

The study’s participatory team includes a number of participants and activists from the Triangle Region and the Academic Movements in Kafr Kassem, Kafr Bara, Qalanswa, Zimer, and Kafr Karaa.  Supervising the field research team is Professor Marsha Zibalese-Crawford from the Temple University, School of Social Work. Professor Zibalese-Crawford has been partnering on the study virtually, but recently worked on the ground with the field research team. She provided CBPR training and close supervision of the development of data collection as well as intensive meetings with the association and project staff. 

The collaboration has yielded a partnership not only for this study but is an ongoing collaboration with Sanad and hopefully other NGOs in the region. The field research team will also receives a CBPR certificate for completion of the training and study by Temple University.  

 A picture of the research team