Sanad Learning Center

Promoting learning, exchange, development and growth in the Triangle Region through informal education opportunities. For the sake of learning - The sanad learning center was launched in 2018 and provides Lifelong learning opportunities, which promotes the sharing, utilizing, and expanding our own capacities, skills and know-how for the benefit of the community. 


The courses of the learning center are divided to two categories: 

1) Organizational capacity building for local organizations and individuals, Including the courses:

Project Management, Resource development, Financial ManagementMonitoring and evaluation TrainingProject development based on Logical Framework training and others.


2) Personal skills and training: 

The courses will include personal individual skills based on the needed skills by the community, usually this training will enable individuals having skills and feeling empowered, usually this skills will benifit them to find a wider work possibilites based on widening their skills. 



terms of use -



Participation is open for all organizations and individuals on a first-come-first-serve basis. All participants must pay the participation fees (either the full fees or membership fees) before the beginning of the training. No fees will be refund in the case of drop-outs. Courses are offered based on offer and demand (only courses that have the minimum number of participants will be conducted).



Individuals can become members of the Learning Center by paying a small monthly membership fee. Members are able to access the different services and trainings offered through the Learning Center at reduced prices. In case that there are only limited spaces in a training, members will be given preference.

Fees: 50 NIS per month, to be paid through Hora’at Keva.



Consultant and experts that are committed to the idea of making a real difference, are motivated to see change happen are welcome to share their expertise. Based on a sincere motivation and commitment, consultants and experts could offer their professional services to members at an agreed reduced rate. Consultants and experts need to have a specific level of professionalism and ethical standards and will need to sign a declaration. We want to enable access to the most professional consultants by grassroots organizations that would normally not have access to such resources.  


Do you have something to teach?

We believe that everybody has something to teach and share with others. If you would like to offer a training or course that could benefit the community, please contact us.

We respect individual proposals, but encourage trainers to make their courses accessible to promote learning and community development.

Contact Sima Sidawi at:


Group Alumni's pictures for one of the learning groups and the SLC

 Group picture for one of the courses of the SLC.